TINA CHEE landscape studio, a Los Angeles landscape architecture practice, is founded on the belief in landscape's crucial role in our cities and the fostering of urban ecologies through the symbiotic relationship of people, landscape, architecture, energy, and water. Spatial quality, perception, movement choreography, and program are crafted through the performative to create hybridized landscapes where beauty is the outcome that is resilient and sustaining in the remaking of cities for social equality. Multi-Purposed Infrastructure, Flexible Surfaces, and Landscape Narratives create frameworks to explore projects in thoughtful and meaningful ways- revealing, weaving, and binding site systems, site histories, and users to larger contexts.

We engage in all scales and types of work- masterplan visions, infrastructure, urban design, parks, plazas, streetscapes, alleys, parking lots, courtyards, roof tops and podiums, renovations and restorations. We collaborate with community stakeholders, non-profits, government agencies, developers, artists, and design professionals to create holistic and meaningful projects that are transformative. Services include all aspects of research and design, entitlement and public outreach, 3D visualization tools, models and mockups, construction documents, and permitting and construction observation.  The studio is licensed for landscape and architecture in California and Arizona and is certified MBE, SBE, SLB, EBE, Harbor VSBE, and Metro SBE/DBE.

Tina Chee is an architect, landscape architect, educator, and a native of Los Angeles with over 25 years of experience in urban design, landscape, and architecture. She received her Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture with honors from the University of Southern California where she received the ASLA Honor Award and was recognized as a LAF Olmsted Scholar.  She practiced with Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, and Renzo Piano on a diverse range of significant and complex projects that have had a transformative impact on the environment; projects such as the masterplan of the Brooklyn Atlantic Rail Yards in New York, the urban renewal of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, and the University of Petronas in the virgin Malaysian jungle. Through these key projects, the value of open space and need for environmental systems became equally her mission. Prior to founding the studio, Tina was the senior design associate at swa, where she practiced the design of on-structure landscapes, landscape construction, and the masterplanning of large scale urban parks, neighborhoods and waterfronts. Landscape Architect Tina Chee is the landscape designer of the award winning Crest Apartments, Van Nuys, CA which has been recognized with 9 awards. She is also the masterplanner of the 4-acre El Presidio Park and landscape architect of the January 8th Memorial in Tucson, Arizona. Tina draws from her in-depth experience to create dynamic synergies between cities, people, buildings, site and environmental systems that create hybridized spaces working at multiple levels.  An astute observer and critical thinker deeply committed to the issues of urban cities and their future trajectories, she strives to find connection and poetic meaning that anticipates and furthers an environmental and social agenda with a formal and spatial one.  She has been recognized internationally for her work and is the recipient of awards from the AIA, ASLA and AIACC.  She is a design lecturer in landscape and architecture.


TINA CHEE landscape studio   I  tchee@tclstudio.net  I  323.691.6647  I   1800 south brand boulevard, studio 212, los angeles, ca 91204