LOCATION  Los Angeles, CA

TYPE   transformation of a brownfield site to a fully accessible river park in two phases integrating the channelized Los Angeles River

SIZE   42 acres

PROJECT TEAM   Stantec-remediation, geology, biology, stormwater; Consensus-outreach, Kosmont-finance



The proposal for the G2 parcel involves the masterplan visioning of the contamined site into a fully accessible and restored park that allows public access while expanding the river habitat in two phases. In the first phase, the entire river edge is opened for public access and programming while the remediation for a majorty of the site is taking place through soil removal and then phytoremediation. The various elements that remain on site such as the train turn table, train tracks and concrete fragments become historic relics that convey the history of the site.  These elements are transformed as historic markers and trails with box car containers as galleries for a learning center, community space, and art exhibit.  Other features include an amphitheater that overlooks the river edge, an undulating upper river promenade, a lower promenade and bike lane, bird observation towers, gabion seat walls and coves, kayak launch, lawn areas, and camp grounds.  Portions of the existing concrete channel are removed to become habitat coves.  In the final phase, the channelized river at G2 becomes an island where a naturalized river can take place within the remediated site that expands natural habitat and our engagement with the river.